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Instead, she watched him pick up the silk belt and wrap it around her head, covering her eyes.
She couldnt see anything, no chinks of light, nothing at all.
Because of this perfect blindfold, her other senses were heightened and she tingled in anticipation.

What would Mick do to her defenceless body? She briefly Sex hot asian girls pondered why the temporary loss of vision enhanced her other senses.
Was imagination really the best sexual organ?

Whatever, Rae knew that everything that happened from Smothering her son love there on would be different, definitely better and certainly more intense than if the blindfold was not in place Motor sexy show
In this new darkness, she felt a hand slide over her flat stomach up to her breasts.

Although his hands were rough from manual work, Mick was expert at drawing every last sensation from her body.
Feeling her nipples squeezed and pulled, she opened her mouth to gasp then, remembering, shut it quickly.
Her lips quivered, holding back a satisfied smile.

Mick kissed her hard and quickly followed by a reminder that he was in complete control and she must do exactly as ordered.
She wasnt allowed to react or talk; just accept whatever happened and enjoy every sensation.

She nodded and Mick kissed her hard nipple again, teasing it with the flat of his tongue and sucking it deep into his mouth.
The doorbell rang and Rae flinched, panicking.
Mick pressed a hand on her breastbone and reminded her of her promise.

She felt him get off the bed and heard him go downstairs.

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