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He had forgotten how huge and fit he was.
He stood well over six feet in height with a broad chest and heavily muscled arms.
He was perhaps the blackest man that Daniel, who stood barely five feet four inches, a fair skinned blue eyed blonde, had ever seen.

Pushing the much smaller man aside Clive announced, Where are you baby? Clive has some for you girl! He turned to Daniel.
Where is your woman Shorty?

shes just in the bathroom.
Shell be out in a minute Chubby young pussy up close, replied a nervous Daniel.
Clive reached out and took hold of the much smaller white man by the upper arm, almost closing his hand completely around his bicep Blonde milf freckles
He spun him around like some tiny dancer and had a good look at him.

You almost like a little boy son.
Are you man enough to be married to a Porn live cam fine ass woman like Kendra? He looked the smaller man up and down his front and then staring at his crotch asked, You got a tiny white dick to match?

With that he pulled Daniel s boxers down to his knees to have a look.
Holy shit.
Look at the little white dicklet! Clive scoffed.

Although embarrassed, Daniel found being exposed to this large, very masculine black man to be arousing and to his horror could feel his penis begin to aggressively swell into an erection.

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