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She lost all control wanting nothing but to please this man.
He took her for a long time, then pulled out and came all over her ass and legs.
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This was an experience she never felt before.
She was still coming.
Her ass was hot, the pain still shooting up from it.

She was flushed.
She could still feel him inside her from both sides.
Mike took off the rest of his clothes while she got hold of herself over the chair and then finally stood up.
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He led her to the bathroom.

the two getting into the large, open shower together.
He soaped her up gently, massaging her body as he cleaned her.
He then soaped himself up.
He dried her off, and then himself.
When they went out to the living room, he handed her the drink he had made earlier.

They toasted and drunk down the remains.
He took her hand, brought her to bed and held her tight.
She fell asleep within minutes, drifting safely in his arms.
He called to her, she could feel it in her soul.
As she made her way to him Porn chatting with no signing up, her body thrummed with need.

Her master sat regally on a lush cushion at the end of the room.
Julissa approached slowly, eyes down.

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