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Sadist dating.

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But he wanted to mark her as well so once she had a taste of her tongue, he moved slightly Cum mouth while sucking to spurt his load onto her face.
He coated her cheek and forehead with his cum and then pointed the last couple squirts back into her mouth.

As his cock emptied, he rubbed the cum on her face around, making sure she was well coated.
There, now THAT is how a good submissive cumslut should look! he said, laughing at her creme-coated face.
He walked a few steps away and sat down on his stool to watch her for a few minutes.

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He wanted the cum to dry on her face so she would remember this mornings activities.
After about 10 minutes, he rose and went to untie her first he untied her ankles then he moved around to untie her wrists.
When she was freed from her bonds, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.

Now slut, I am going to help you up but you will get back on your knees and crawl back to the house like you did to come out here.
When you get inside, you are NOT to wash that cum from your face – do you understand? I want that cum to stay on your face as a reminder of our time here Real life carbon dating.

I will tell you when you can remove it.

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Sadist dating.