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Barb let her tongue flatten out and feel the pulsing in the mans cock as he filled his wife.
It was one of the most erotic things Barb had ever felt.
Barb let herself doze off with her head still between the womans legs.

She thought she would sleep, but she couldnt believe what was still happening.
Youre still hard, the other woman observed.
Barb couldnt tell if she was talking to Barbs date or her husband.

I was close, Barbs date answered.
You damn near pulled it off by the root to get your tongue inside her, he accused.
The other woman laughed.

Let me kiss it better, she teased, and Barb felt her date tremble as the woman pressed her head farther between Barbs legs New years in a hotel room
After a couple of strokes, the woman backed off.
How does he taste when he finishes? she asked.

Her head pressed forward as she took him in again.
It took several moments for Barb to realize that the woman was asking her.
With a lazy smile, Barb replied, I dont know.
Mmmmmm, the other woman replied, but she didnt slow down her attack on Barbs date.

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He pressed his lips and teeth into Barbs shoulder as he stiffened in release.
The other woman moaned in appreciation, but she didnt release his cock until it was completely drained.
Barb pulled her dates arms around her body into a hug as she relaxed into him.

Barb felt the other woman relax with her head resting on Barbs leg.
Several minutes passed as they Tinder glasses all lay still.
Barb broke the silence.

How did he taste?

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