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She explained that the Texas and State girls were going out, Maybe you could meet us.
Looking straight at me, she added.
That will be my safety net, twenty-five girls to kick your ass if something goes down, like my pants or your hand on my tits.

Even though she laughed, she was looked serious.
Trying to change the subject to ease the tension, Darren stuttered, Do you know Simona Petrescu? Will she be there?

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I want to meet her.
She told us she knew her very well.
Sorry, Darren, she is way out of your league.
You would not believe how many guys have hit on her this week.
She is all business, nothing but gymnastics.

You know how focused those Romanian girls are.
A puzzled look crossed Darrens face, Romanian? I thought she was American, she is after all on Team USA.

She was born in this country Human sperm dark.
However, her dad is Romanian and her mother is Cuban, quite a combination, fire and ice, and not the kind of girl you want to fuck with.

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Scholar online dating.