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I have a surprise for you.
Reaching both hands up, I pull my blonde hair into a bun.
Placing my hands back at my side, I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

I love your surprises and I can feel my body responding already to the excitement of receiving one from you.
I feel your hands on my shoulders, rubbing them lightly.
You lean over and plant wet kisses on one side and then the other of my neck.

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My skin feels hot, as if you have lit a fire where your lips have touched me.
As you lift your head, I feel you reach around my neck.
Something heavy and thick is wrapped around my neck and I hear a click, sounding as if a lock has been closed.
You may open your eyes now, baby.

As I open my eyes, my hands instinctively fly to my neck.
Wrapped around it is a leather collar, an inch tall and a quarter inch thick Simplify me dating package.
As I run my fingers over the Medicines promote facial hair growth leather, I stare at the image of myself in the mirror.

Engraved letters all but shout two small words at me.

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Scort girl chandler arizona ab.