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Joe, one of our stud horses, would go up with the mares to make more little horses and as an added degree of protection for the small heard of fifteen mares and seven foals.
It is odd Nikf666 webcam chat rooms for adults, the mares pretty much run the day-to-day operation of the herd, but Joe was ultimately in charge and exercised his dominance at will over the mares.

It was when there was a challenge to the herd that the testosterone really flowed and came in handy Tied face sitting
Joe would charge out at the odd stray dog or coyote that approached the herd, head high, mane and tail flying, nostrils flared and snorting clouds of moisture in the cool air.

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We had to trailer the horses to a friends ranch, corral all the horses, let them feed, water and rest in preparation for the next days drive.
We spent the night in log cabins that must have been one hundred years old, sleeping three to a cabin in bunk beds.

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