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To my left sat Christie, with shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes so clear they were almost grey, wearing a brown top that fit her body perfectly to pronounce her smaller B cup breasts that were framed with a mid-cleavage scoop neck.
Tight blue jeans hugged her flaring hips and apple bottom.

Across from me was Allison, the aforementioned buxom blond with green eyes and hair that fell down to her jean clad perfect ass.
Her D cup breasts, which she rarely didnt have proudly on display, were framed in a very low cut white, fleece top.

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The fringes of her sky blue lace bra were visible on the edges of the fabric, leaving Huge cock handjob movie galleries me imagining if she had on the matching panties down below.
She was currently leaning over, resting her heavy assets on the table and letting me enjoy the view of her deep cleavage.

She would wink every time I met her eyes after Who is wwe kaitlyn dating a long look and wed give each other a knowing smile.
On my right was the lovely Natalie.
Her auburn hair brushed across her shoulders and upper back, deep green eyes twinkling when she laughed, a long sleeved turtleneck concealed her soft white skin, but no fabric could hide the curves of her luscious C cups that appeared bigger on her small frame and matched the curves of her hips and ass.

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