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My poor booth never drew her attention until today when she stopped in front of me, offering an impish smile of greeting to my well worn whiskery face.
My display is tattered and torn, like the faded posters of food you see in Chinatown, in the windows of tired sushi restaurants.

My wares are not shiny and useless Lesbi-girls 100 free cybersex public cam2cam chat rooms like those of most, though the value of my goods varies with each customer.
I sell soft diamonds that are brilliant and rare, that warm quickly to a lovers touch, not like those cold stones in fashion today.

(She holds these for a short time and I note her wistful and naughty smile is drawing me to her like the spring flowering draws honey bees.
) A butterfly sculpture with wings made from memories of chocolate; delicate and smooth, they melt if you look at them too long.

(She giggles at me, a sound that strokes my soul, and asks me if the memories are mine? Of course they are mine, I reply, trying to sound gruff, Whose else would they be?) A handwritten notebook from an unknown author, a man who knew Death and tried to tell Deaths secrets with words one is better off not knowing.

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(I move this one into my well worn satchel before it can fully catch her interest.
) A gilt frame without a picture that glows golden when one weeps, then fills itself with images of dear loved ones from ones past.

(She keeps returning to this, asking me question after question concerning the manufacturer.
) A set of mason jars with small pieces of clouds and blue skies inside each one, from a bright summers day when I collected them walking with my grandmother.

(Delightful, she says, her eyes alight with wonder, but you should not consider parting with these.
) One of my best sellers; a photograph of the girl or boy you never got to meet in your past, the one who visited your adolescent dreams and stirred your heart with tender first yearnings.

(This she immediately set aside for purchase.
) A childs jack-in-the-box with a happy clown that pops out, always and ever for the very first time, and thus is constantly brand new to you. Lionesexi canada women porn
(A giggle and a grin from that softly sensuous mouth, but alas, no sale ensues.

) Two thin books written by elves I acquired during a long ago adventure in the Wood.

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Sex deddington wood women seeking.