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He was overcome by the ferocity Free sex hayward ny of what he had just done and by Julianas utter eroticism responding to him.
Who the hell needs Renoir? he said breathlessly before kissing her deeply.

They were exhilarated and exhausted by what had just happened, adrenaline and endorphins surging, heartbeats still racing, and catching their breath, and both utterly spent.
Juliana looked up at Robert and said, I think we both need some rest before dinner.

Can we please get a cab and go back to the hotel? They made themselves presentable and left the washroom, looking around to see if anyone had realized what had just transpired Adult free erotic stories femdom
No one was around.
Robert found a taxi as they left the building and they sped back to the Terrass and their suite.

Juliana carefully took off her dress and lingerie, placing them over a chair Lycopene facial moisturizing cream, while Robert shed his clothes leaving a trail on the floor.
They both headed for the shower as Juliana looked over her shoulder at Robert saying, This is just to get clean and relax.

Nothing more as I can hardly stand up.
I need a nap after this, a real one.

Robert demurred, knowing he needed to wash and get some rest as well.
There was time before thinking about where they wanted to eat dinner and going out again.

He drew the drapes to darken the room but set the alarm on his phone so that they would not miss their view of the sunset over the city from their balcony.
There was nothing like Paris at dusk.

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