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Eventually, Ben was allowed to get up.
Sarah come here! Didnt I tell you not Xxsex west lothian ladies to rub your butt and not turn around? You probably believed I didnt see it, but you cant trick me, miss.

You realize that such behavior cannot go unpunished? Sarah nodded, intimidated.
Bend over and put your hands on the seat of the chair.
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Since your disobedience has hurt your friends privacy, he will punish you.

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She handed Ben a small wooden paddle, what do you think, how many strokes she has earned? Ben didnt want to overdo it on his girlfriend, but he also didnt want Sweetpain to complain that the number was too low and award more strokes, Ten strokes, he finally said.

Sweetpain agreed, Sarah you count each stroke and after each stroke you say: Im a naughty girl and deserve to be punished, she ordered.
Gently Ben clapped the paddle on Sarahs butt, One, Im a naughty girl and deserve to be punished.
Sweetpain was not satisfied, What are you?

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