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I came up with a plan as we were about to leave.
I grabbed my wifes hand and led her into the woods next to the field.
What are you doing? she Cam2 cam chat asked.

I know you are extremely turned on by those soccer players! Arent you? I saw you looking right at their tight asses, I said to her.
You are crazy! I wasnt watching them at all! she replied back.
As we stood a few feet into the woods I then told my wife, Lets see if you are turned on or not.

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I bet your pussy is very wet! If I am Justinechrist horny chat no log in right you must finger yourself right here in front of these soccer players! I walked over towards her and yanked her shorts down.
Her red panties were soaked and there was no way she could deny it.

I said, If you arent turned on, how come your panties are so wet? What is wrong with you? she replied back.
Come on!

A deal is a deal! You can be a jerk at times! She said with a smug look on her face.
I was extremely horny myself as my wife has only masturbated in front of me a few times over the last 20 plus years.

She had always thought there was something wrong with masturbating.
I pushed her for several minutes when I said, I know you are horny!

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