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Her pussy was on fire, the fluids flowing out of her soaked panties.
Robins hips moved, looking for anything to rub her clit on, she was that close.
Not yet, pet, youre not coming this soon, Master growled.

Master, pleeeaaassse let me, pllleeeaasee, she begged with a whine.
He helped her up from her knees, taking her cuffed hands in his.
Leading her over to the rope hanging from the ceiling, he attached the rope to her cuffs.

He pulled her arms up behind her, making her bend over, her ass exposed to his gaze.
Robins shaking Updating database using dataadapter quivering ass made a nice target for his first slap, the sudden blow making her moan deep Softcore censored
Her Masters hand struck again, harder on the other side and another deep groan filled the air.

Masters hand gripped the edge of her soaked black panties, ripping them to shreds, flinging the flimsy cloth across the floor.
He spread her legs wider, putting more tension on her arms.
The sudden cool air on her hot enflamed pussy made her shudder, causing more juice to flow down her thighs.

Robin was in agony.
She needed release.
The sudden tug on her nipple, then the pain as the Sex online over camera with out signing up clamp tighten around her hard bud made her gasp.
Her Master let the weighted nipple clamp fall from his hand.
Robin screamed as the clamp tugged hard on her nipple.

The pain sending sparks right to her clit.
Master placed another clamp on her other nipple, then dropped it.
Robin screamed again, her pussy clamping tight.

Her Master walked behind her, running his fingers up her exposed wet slit.

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