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It was quickly replaced however, with incredible pleasure as her asshole adjusted to his size and he began pumping in and out of her.
Allyssa loved a cock in the ass almost as much as she loved it in her pussy and Rodneys sudden swapping holes was now giving her great pleasure.

She moaned and cried and whimpered as his cock stretched her Girls of comedy nude and abused her asshole.
Just as before he slapped her again, this time on her thigh Solo orgasm streaming
Her ass was already a hot crimson and, after a few minutes, her formerly white thighs were just as red.

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She adored getting fucked by a long, thick, black cock, and it didnt matter which hole he chose.
She loved the pain of being abused by its wielder almost as much.
In Rodney, Allyssa had the perfect man to do both.

The Scotch she had given him was not enough to make him too drunk to get an erection, but it was enough to keep him from cumming for a long time.
She wanted another orgasm before that happened, especially since he had started swatting her thighs, inflicting pain on a different part of her body.

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