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The song Shameless by Garth came to mind.
That seemed to explain a lot of my feelings.
You know it should be easy for a man whos strong To say hes sorry or admit when hes wrong Ive never lost anything Ive ever missed But Ive never been in love like this.

The other part of me was much more carnal. Pegging till cum
I lusted for her.
She was like a wonderful drug that heightened every sense, magnified every touch and amplified every emotion.

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There was no part of her I did not want to feel, explore, possess, use for my pleasure, for her pleasure, for our pleasure.
I wanted to use her.
I wanted to drive her to the brink of insanity with pleasure.

I wanted to tease her until she begged for release, educate her of all the pleasure a man and woman could share.
I wanted to satisfy Free sluts in kearney her to her core.
I wanted to enslave her with my ability to cause her erotic pleasure.

The conflicting possibilities for the evening kept me at odds with myself.
I compromised and found contentment in letting the evening find its own way.

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Skinny brunette girls naked gifs.