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I hope this is OK John? I really didnt want to go out with my dad and Julie.
If this is too much of an imposition and you want to do something on your own Ill understand.

I think I looked a little stunned with a sort of deer in the headlights look on my face from staring Japan bukkake films at Annes transformation into this new sexy more mature creature.
I assured her that I was more than happy to have drinks and dinner with her and perhaps we could walk around the resort and explore a little.

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Anne continued, Well, its just that I know youre a man.
I saw how you looked at Julie and, well, if you want to go out clubbing or do something more fun then Ill understand.
I know there are a lot of sexy girls at the resort.
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I mean I know I dont look anything like Julie.
I laughed and assured Anne that no she didnt look exactly like Julie; but that she was an amazingly charming girl and she had gotten herself into this predicament.

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Slip on shoes and nude nylons.