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Do you remember buying me this that first Christmas we were together properly, darling? Amanda said as she removed the gold cover to reveal a bright red lipstick, much used but still as Busty femdom bitch gals domination stocking heeled galleries vibrant as the day it was bought, which was not so strange as Amanda had only bought it that very day.

Katie did remember buying it for her Mom, shed seen it in a shop before she had returned home for the holidays and had dreamed of her mom wearing it Christmas Day as she kissed her darling little girl all over Elisa_death free simple 2 way cellphone sex video chat no register

And, Amanda continued.
I still keep the gift tag you used.

Can you remember what you put, honey? Katie did remember, or she thought she did, shed put.
Happy Christmas, Mom.

That wasnt what shed wanted to put, no that was
But her thoughts were disturbed, no blown away as she heard Femdom fantasy slave execution free stories this woman read from the little gold tag in her hand, the very words.
A vain attempt to guild the lily, to try to make your beautiful lips even more desirable to me.

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Sloppy british.