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It wasnt the words that he was murmuring in her ear either.
He was telling her some story about finding her outfit and finding where the two women had gone and how they had enjoyed watching.
The story was both funny and arousing, and it almost should have distracted Barb from cumming.

But the sound of his voice quivering every time Barb felt the other womans tongue slide off her lips and onto his shaft was more than Barb could handle.
Not even the sound of the other mans breath catching as Barb licked his shaft was affecting Barb as much.

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The next time her tongue slid onto his shaft Hot girls in the area to chat with for free hot sexy no sign up or join just chat, she must have flattened her tongue and pushed him even more.
His voice strangled off Female domination cuckold stories as he pushed deep inside Barb, and his hips trembled as he enjoyed the assault.

Imagining his pleasure was more than Barb could take, and her orgasm exploded through her body.
Barb barely heard as the other woman squeaked in delight.
She didnt know why her date yelped but suddenly his cock pulled back and was gone.

Barb tried to cry out for its return, but she was too far into her orgasm.
Suddenly it was replaced by the other womans face and driving tongue and Barb was almost happy again.
The womans tongue teased and probed and Barbs orgasm rolled on and on.

The last thing Barb remembered before she collapsed in sated exhaustion was tasting the flavors of the husbands orgasm mixing with the flavors of the womans cum.

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