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A few days later as my wife laid on the our bed I asked her, Would you like to get yourself off again! She wont admit to it, but it had felt way better than she could had ever imagine.
It didnt take very long this time to convince her to try it again.

She removed her clothes and laid on the bed with her knees bent and her Orgasmic deep penetrate prostate legs spread apart.
She moved her hand down inside her legs and gradually began to touch herself.
She had her eyes shut as her legs shook.

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She was very turned Trixie teen members on as moisture from her pussy had covered her fingers.
She teased her pussy for several minutes as her orgasm began to build.
I said, I bet you are fantasizing about that soccer player the other day with the white shorts.

With her eyes were closed tightly her breathing began to deepen.
Her one hand teased her pussy while the other hand played with her gorgeous tits.
I told her, Why dont you turn over onto your stomach! She turned over onto her stomach as her hand slid underneath her beautiful body.

It quickly had found her lovely pussy and she began to finger herself again.
Her body began to squirm about the bed as she moaned out loudly.
I said, Come on baby!

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