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It was.
A nightmare.
Her eyes rose to meet Allunas once more, and Alluna saw the haunted look they had.

I was trained to be a whore.
Theyd put us in holo-sim tanks and virtually mated us with every compatible species there is.

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Her eyes became glazed, her look far away Thai sex clip amateur
S-sometimes… they werent compatible.
Allunas heart sped up when tears appeared in the other girls eyes.
Reaching over, she put her hand over Angels, making her start and focus on Alluna again.

Angel attempted a smile.
The first time I bled, they pulled me from my cage and took Alison evers me to the Xenar slave market.
There I was put up for sale.

She swallowed.
Thats where Lady Serena found me.

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Sport illustrated suckin dick.