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But what about your job? Your apartment and all your belongings back in Chicago? You had a life back there – what about all that? Mark I have no life back in Chicago.
I have a dinky apartment, no real belongings to speak of, a shit job and no friends or family.

To be honest I really dont have anything to go back to Chicago for and after what you have shown me, I dont think I could go back to that life again, she said.
Well that is Georgia jones pantyhose fortunate then, because I dont want you to go back there either.

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You see, you werent the only one that was caught off guard at the airport.
I felt my heart skip a beat as well.
And now that you have laid your heart bare at my feet, let me ease your mind and tell you that I love you too.

You do? she said excitedly.
Yes, honey.
I havent told you because I didnt know how you felt.
I didnt want to make your vacation uncomfortable or cause you to leave early.
But yes, I have felt an attraction for the last couple days too.

You may not know this, but I was up most of last night thinking Naked black ebony men gang bangers about you and me and if we had a future.
You were? she asked again, stunned by this turn of events.
Mark took her face in his hands.

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Stars gone wild nude.