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She leant across to give her teacher a glorious cum-filled French kiss.
You three gals OK? called Greg.
Answering for them all, Melanie smiled and murmured: Mmmmmm.

Wanna go one step further for Gilli there?

Like Breast cancer gamma detector what? asked Clare.
Why dont you and Mel show her snowballing? He offered her a small plastic beaker and a spatula.
Clare raised an inquisitive eyebrow to Melanie, who grinned.

Why not? A bemused and emotionally-spent Miss Abrahams then watched as the two girls painstakingly collected up most of the mens cum from her body Bowling alley threesome
When the beaker was almost filled to the brim, Melanie took a long swig, retaining the still-warm semen in her mouth.

Clare came and knelt beside her friend.
Their heads were almost touching.
Then tipping hers to one side and opening her pretty mouth wide, she received a long and lingering French kiss from Melanie, who allowed the spunk to gently tickle into her friends mouth.

Melanie looked across at the teacher Blonde teen voyeur lesbians.
Wanna try? Its like a warm vanilla smoothie!

Miss Abrahams nodded shyly and Clare crawled on all fours until she was above the woman.
Then, instead of bending forward to deliver the fluid in a kiss, she hovered a few inches above the others parted lips.

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