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As he set the camera down again, Beth caught a glimpse of a framed print hanging on his bedroom wall.
In it was a barefoot woman in a pink dress, sitting up on a white bed in a bare grey room gazing out of an over-sized window at an industrial red-brick city.

Her arms were around her legs, and her dress had ridden up to show her thighs and the curve of her ass.
emmahott4u23: Is that an Ed Hopper? razr242: Yeah, lol.
Good eye.
emmahott4u23: I love Hoppers paintings.

razr242: Everyone knows Nighthawks, but theres something about this one I like better.
Its called Morning Sun.
razr242: It was done ten years after Nighthawks Cheat her man
emmahott4u23: He still had a thing for windows, though.
razr242: Ha.

razr242: Well, I think I should clean up, maybe.
emmahott4u23: Yeah, me too.
razr242: It was nice meeting you, emma.
emmahott4u23: That was more than just meeting.
emmahott4u23: It was fun taking you over the edge.

razr242: Ha.
razr242: We should do it again some time.
razr242: Goodnight.
Before Beth could respond, the window went dark and he was gone.
Beth clicked out of the browser and shut her laptop.

It would still be a few hours before her roommates got home.
Hopefully by then shed be Asian style checks fast asleep.
In the meantime, she decided to run a hot bath before bed to take that lovely relaxed, post-orgasmic feeling to the next level.

With the day she had ahead of her, she felt she Nude wives of confluence deserved it.
This is not a fantasy.
It is all true.

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