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And on the rare occasions that she did, he would accuse her of cheating on him or plotting to leave him.
Most women would have run from such a marriage, but she stayed – she kind of liked the fact that he watched her so closely.
It made her feel strangely loved and Angelique boyer naken close to him.

But then he died in that car accident and Allyssa was lost.
He had kept such control of things that she couldnt function on her own G spot and orgasm
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Thats when she met Daniel and he was the polar opposite of Paul.

He was kind and sweet and treated her like she was the most important thing in the world.
At first, Allyssa enjoyed the freedom and the devotion he gave her.
It was a nice change and something she had never felt before.
But before long, she began missing the old ways.

It was too much of a change and she didnt know how to deal with being put on a pedestal.
She missed being berated and yelled at, treated like she was just an object and that her opinion was stupid and didnt matter.

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