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You taste wonderful, I said as I began to kiss my way over her breast and across her flat stomach and into her nearly non-existent pubic hair.
As I slid my tongue over her lips I felt her breath stuttering in excitement.

I moved off the Older porno amateurs bed and knelt between her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed.
I ran my tongue over her while moving my fingers and spread her lips open.
Her hard clit was quite noticeable.

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I began licking her inner lips and grazing her clit.
I moved downward and pushed my tongue into her opening then made my way back up near her clit.
I pushed Ipad webcams adult a finger inside her and was surprised she was so tight.

She rocked her hips, trying to gain more contact with my fingers and tongue.
I felt her begin to move toward climax a time or two and I would back off until the moment passed.
I moved my moth and tongue over her clit and sucked it into my mouth and tickled it gently with my tongue.

This again seemed to bring her close to orgasm.

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