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Kayla watched his desire mount through the haze of her own pleasure.
Having an audience for something she had only ever done in private exhilarated her.
Her heartbeat started to race and her breathing grew more ragged.

Oh! she moaned as wetness squirted around her fingers and the world blacked out around the Losing virginity not able to penetrate edges for a moment.
And then with the next squeeze of her pussy Scott was slamming inside her.
She cried out again, even louder, feeling as if she were about to come undone.

Without realizing what was happening she was suddenly in the air, his length still buried inside her, as Scott picked her up and carried her to the wall Amateur night lumber yard
He propped her back against the wall and she locked her legs about his waist as he continued to move in and out of her.

Kayla was oblivious to the Fun sex techniques world as her pussy continued to contract around his member, her orgasm feeling as if it would never end.
She gasped and ground her hips against his, revelling in the feeling.

Her obvious enjoyment as well as the anticipation from waiting for her had worked their wonders on Scott.
As his face screwed up in concentration and his thrusts increased in frequency, Kayla attempted to quiet her own breathing, listening, hoping he would break his enforced silence.

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Taraji henson is dating.