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What a shame they dont stay hard forever.
His ball sack had relaxed and was hanging loose between his legs.
I put my hand under it and joggled them in my fingers, feeling the balls Chubby white suck dick orgy move around inside.

I still wanted more.

I pulled my shorts and pants off and sat on the couch with my back against the arm rest.
I put one leg either side of him so my cunt was open and facing him.
My turn I said.

He looked at it and put his hand out and started stroking it, sliding fingers into me and stroking my clit as it came out and hard Eating pussy tuille
I wanted his tongue and decided to be bold about what I wanted, like him.
Lick me was all I said and reached up to his head and pulled it down to me.

He positioned himself kneeling on the floor and spun me around to face him.
I slid my bum over the edge of the couch and rolled back.
He put his hands under me and pulled me a bit towards him so he could roll my legs back further.

I was very open and conscious that he could stare Non muslim dating muslim right into me and see my arse hole.
It felt good.
He played with my cunt lips, pulling on them, spreading them open while looking at it.

This seemed new to him and he was educating himself.

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