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For me, it causes a strange mixture of pride Lesbians and bisexual dating websites, arousal, and agony.
The following story is a good case in point and illustrates our situation well.
I came back from a weekend away on Sunday evening, and I fully expected my lady to be home.

Instead, her car was away, and the house empty.

Clothes were on the floor, marking a path to our bedroom.
I followed the trail and found a scene that was clearly intended to let me know she had fucked someone there.
The bed was a mess of rumpled sheets, lingerie, and a mans boxers.

A cruel display of her power and there was more.
In her infinite harshness she had left a note next to a used condom: We are out for dinner Real porn for husband and wife
It would be lovely if you could tidy up.

I cant be bothered right now.
Love L.
I collapsed onto a chair, feeling the dull ache of self-pity and jealousy in my stomach.
The joy of my weekends fishing trip erased from memory.
But, loath as I am to admit it, there was a growing admiration.

This was so cruel, so well thought out and so well executed.
Who else but L could have come up with this? It hurt, yet part of my likes to be humiliated by her.
I set to work; meticulously piecing details together in Dirtydiana adult web can my mind like a crime scene investigator.

The mans boxers were a medium size, so he was probably quite fit.
She had worn fishnet stockings, open crotch lace panties, and a matching bra.
Knowing her preferences, she had probably kept most of it on while he mounted her.

I could not help but push the knickers in my face to sniff them.

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