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With each successive crashing boom I could feel Annes body shiver next to mine.
I put my arm around Anne, as she yawned and I thought it was best to just get her away from the fearful storm.
Time for bed sleepy head.

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Anne smiled, as my arm around her waist directed her into my bedroom and towards the big king-sized bed.
I pulled away the covers on the left side and Anne smiled nervously as she slid onto the bed, in her light cotton robe.

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I dimmed the lights and left my own Chain orgasm robe on so she wouldnt be too embarrassed as I slid into bed on the other side and then flicked off the light.
I could feel Annes nervousness as if it was tangible making the air in the room somehow thicker.
Are you okay Anne? I asked.

There was a hesitation and a pause, but then Anne wriggled her body closer to mine shifting closer to me in the big bed.
Can you just hold me John? I… I moved closer and slid my arm over Annes tiny waist, as her slim body spooned into mine.

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Thisisthesentinel co uk dating.