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I stood up and my prick slipped effortlessly into her wet hole; the intrusion snapped Tina back to reality.
You Bastard! Fucking a girl on her wedding day!

My husband has only just pulled his dick out and you shove your great big thing in there.

Tinas own words were turning her on and doing the same for me.
This was going to be a quick dirty fuck, we both knew that; each thrust lifted her up and forced her against the wall behind her.

Im going to fill your tight sweet hole full of some more cum, I told her; Im going to flush your husbands cum out of your gorgeous pussy.
All the time I was gripping her panty covered arse; those firm buttocks encased in soft silk.

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I felt those muscles tighten as the orgasm overtook her; limp and shaking she lent into me for support.
My turn now, I told her.
Yes spunk in me you bastard, flush Barrys watery cum out of me, Tina growled into my ear.
Im going to make him clean me up before he gets in me again.

He will think its his spunk hes licking, but it will be yours.
It was quick and dirty; all I wanted was a fast shag; three or four more hard thrusts and my cock was pumping cum in her.
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I Gyan-tanzen sexchat zo slipped my shrinking prick back into my trousers and zipped them up.

Kiss me you bastard, show me you still love me.
I kissed her tenderly and looked into her soft eyes.
Now get out before we are caught.

I walked to the door and turned to look at her again; she still had the hem of her dress in one hand.

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Thot worships bbc gets cum all over toungelips then swallows.