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Cunt juice is good for you.

Yea, Ray! she said, adding, its makin me wet down there! Good, baby.
Wet is good, he said.
Now, get down on your Shemale chastity belt pics hands and knees, and crawl over here to Ray, and let him suck your tits again, Ray ordered.

And Abby complied, letting Ray mouth her firm tits, and slap her hard on her tight ass, still encased in the jeans.
Im gettin all wet inside my jeans, Abby whined, can I take em off yet?

Ray could Ava addams tits see that she was not kidding, the crotch of her jeans was noticeably darkened, and he could smell her sex as she crawled on the stage Cu nude ooze vdt
Ill take them off, he said, just come over and lean back on the stage, and Ill take them off for you.

Again, Abby did as she was told, leaning back, with her firm tits standing up from her chest, and the tight jeans stretched across her hip bones, just millimeters above her pussy.
First, Ray licked at her flat tummy, taking the chains from her piercing jewelry in his mouth, and licking and nibbling at her tummy, her hips, and just above the belt.

Slowly, he unbuckled the belt, continuing to lick.
He unbuttoned the jeans, and pulled down the zipper, revealing that Abby had no panties on below.

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Tinara1706 deuce in chaturbate.