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The neon-bright streaks of color that heralded the start of her climaxes began flashing on the insides of her closed eyelids and her breathing became even faster and more shallow.
Dani, secure then in her Dark Space, moved closer and closer to a massive orgasm.

No longer needing the mental separation from her body, she let herself sink back down into her tormented flesh.
The electric light show got even crazier as she felt Tinas Drunk dorm sex fist move higher into her stretched-out cunt.

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Hundreds of physical sensations and memories and images of the past few days assaulted the twenty-eight year-old and she knew shed experienced more
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than she had over the previous twenty-seven years of her life.
That thought alone was almost enough to put her over the edge and into her biggest climax so far — but then her Master let go of her tortured breast tips and she was held so very cruelly on the edge once again.
Once again she heard Alan mumble a few unintelligible words to Tami before she felt movement above her face.

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