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Later, before bedtime, I beat it to death with my dads baseball bat.
What kind of person gives a little kid a music box filled with monsters? Shh, Alices daughter shushed me; Her soft elfin fingers over my lips wore a lavender flavored blend of soap, glue, and solvents.

I nodded, relaxed, and said nothing.
Calm is the best armor against the unknown.
I know, I have a lifetime of dents to prove it.
Let Annbambina one on one chat there be light!

Wow! My cry of astonishment was lost amid the GROUPs shouts of joyful thanks and cheers from the assembled sisterhood.

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Commander, if I may, Starshine stiffened to attention as she saluted with a grin, On behalf of us all, I present to you, she proclaimed as her salute became a wave of her arm, This, our offering for the GROUP! With sweat and imagination, the societys artisans, painters, and carpenters transformed the meeting-rooms theater into a Monty Python set on mushrooms.

An expansive hexagon-shaped table Plainview women looking for sex dominated the center of the stage, beneath a hula-hoop sized dream catcher hanging from the rafters.
Behind it, the concrete wall at the back was covered with a whimsical rendition of a yellow brick road winding its way toward an emerald green castle in the distance.

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Too young for internet dating.