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I took off my clothes.
She noticed my erection.
You like me being a slut, dont you? Dont answer; it is clear from your hard on.

You know I wore this lingerie earlier when my Date girls mauloup young stud fucked me right here in this bed.
But still, you are lusting for me.

I blushed.
There was no denying she was completely right.
I knelt down and stuck my tongue into her wet slit.
Did I imagine it, or could I still taste the rubber and citrus flavor of the condom?

Never mind, this was the time to give her my best.
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Soon she was grinding her crotch against my face.

My tongue easily reached deep into her, since her vagina had been opened by a large cock only hours before.
She pulled me onto the bed and pressed me down on my back.
In an instant, she was on top of me.
Expertly, she guided my erection into her pussy.

There was almost no sensation while penetrating her.
She was wet and wide like never before.
Maybe it was better that way.
I might have come like a teenager if there had been any friction.
L rode me like a woman possessed.

I did all I could to not come before her.
I guess there was part of me that needed to prove that I could give her the same satisfaction as her stud.
In minutes, she came with a loud scream.
In all her meanness, she slid off my cock before I could orgasm.

All satisfied, L cuddled up to me.

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