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How do we make it up to you? L paused then grinned and said How about a special massage from both of you at the same time? Without waiting for our response, she pulled her sheet off and laid down on her front.

I started working on her upper back and shoulders, and J on her calves.

L shifted her shoulder position to meet my kneading fingers and made low moaning sounds of pleasure.
She continued this for a few minutes and then it increased, especially when J started stripping her hamstring muscles.

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I recognized Free live sex chat galloway that L was aroused by her flexed muscles and rapid breathing.
This made me hot and I was getting an obvious erection, visible in my silver-grey yoga shorts.
It was time for me to finish up before this got awkward.

As I stepped back for more massage oil, Ls hand cupped my erection and I looked into her big eyes filled with a question.
I looked at J, now kneading Ls ass that was slightly raised toward his kneading Tca facial treaments do it yourself fingers.
J had a slight smile on his face.
It felt like looking in a mirror.

We nodded to each other and proceeded.
Js hands parted Ls legs and moved to stroke her lower lips.
I looked deep into her eyes, smiled and pulled my shorts down.

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Ultimate lesbian orgasm.