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As he came closer to the object of her desire she took a deep breath and began to worship his cock.
Her tongue glided over the tender skin, lapping at the slit, tasting his juices.
Her lips closed around the cock head and she began to suckle him. Nude housewives chatrooms

Her master moaned above her and bucked his hips sharply, pushing his growing member deep in her mouth.
She took it gladly, her tongue working its magic as she sucked.
Julissa raised her hand to cup his ball sack, gently squeezing and stroking as she swallowed his stiff cock down into her throat.

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She felt his grip on her hair tighten and his hips began to buck faster and harder, as he sought to get every bit of himself into her Ostin82 bango sex web wet, hot mouth.
Julissa gave herself over to his will, as she had done many times before.
Letting him use her mouth as he would her other holes.

He fucked her tender lips as if he were trying to drill into her.
She was careful to hold her mouth open, to keep her tongue working the underside of his cock as he plunged in and out of her.
Her gag reflex was well controlled, though her throat felt raw from the continuous thrusting.

Her hands found a grip on his buttocks as his thrusts grew more violent.

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Updating c330.