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Ill drive, Tessa announced as she jangled the keys.
A ten hour time difference makes for a long flight.

Thank goodness its direct, Daniel said.
Plus, I took a couple pills and slept most of the way.

Jet lag shouldnt be an issue.
Daniel swinger free and Tessa held hands while they waited for their UBC classmate to finish loading Daniels baggage.
They had their arrival moment, and now the couple wanted to quickly leave the airport for something more intimate at the lake.

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Alls good, Mike informed as he jumped into the back seat.
Lets go.
Your dad will meet us there? Tessa asked.

Hes checking in with his office, and then bringing the float plane tomorrow.
Thats pretty cool, Mike commented.
It is, but he needs it.

He flies to dozens of remote BC coastal islands to provide legal advice on tribal land natural resource development.
He also negotiates on their behalf with the provincial and federal governments, and private energy Guitar tabs for asshole and mining companies.

If grandpa wouldnt have encouraged all of us to get our pilots licenses, that niche may not have been available to my dad.
The flying nun, Mike chuckled.

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