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Ive lost count of my orgasms, the machine is vibrating so fast.
My pussy is on fire and my juices are spilling out of my cunt.
Jesus! I move forward to get the dildo on my clitoris.

Its thrusting into my pussy.
Im moving my cunt with the machine.
Im exhausted because the sensations are incredibly hard.
My legs are shaking while I continue Apache boob index port swf having multiple orgasms.
I stand up, feeling like I might pass out.

I lay on my bed, catching my breath.
After a while, I stand up and take off the dildo and wash it in the sink.
I put it on a washcloth to dry.
I wipe down my Sybian and carry it back to the box and put it away.

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I also strip my bed and change my sheets.
I walk into my bathroom and enjoy a hot shower.
When that is over and I am dry, I get dressed.
So, that is a full account of my masturbation playtime.
I do this almost every day after my family leaves the house.
I consider it my naughty indulgence.

It was my friend, Karlys birthday.
Her choice for going out to celebrate was a drag night at a club.
It wasnt so much fixed on drag as it was on gender parodies and cross-dressing for fun.

I had been a closet cross-dresser for a long time, although I had told a couple of girls I knew.
Everyone was going to cross-dress and have fun, but I was going to revel in it.
I had never been with a boy before, not even kissed Blonde lesbian girls having fun one, but every time I was in womens clothing I wanted cock.

During the daytime, I hung out with Karly and my other girlfriends including Olivia and Sinead.

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