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As soon as she felt my arm on her shoulder she turned into me and our lips were together.
She Solo para mujeres was sweet, God she was sweet.
Before I could regain my senses our mouths opened, our tongues met and I could feel her press into me seeking as much bodily contact as possible.

Her firm breasts were pressed into my chest and her pelvis was thrust slightly forward to gain contact with my leg.
The heat from her pussy burned through both our Wranglers Shaved chest poll to my leg as my hard cock pressed onto her hip.

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My hands caressed her back and sides briefly, glancing over the swell of her breast.
I pulled away slowly.
We cant do this, I said.

I know, she said.
That makes it even better, and leaned into me again, her tongue forcibly entering my mouth before she abruptly turned and walked away.
Dont forget your number, she said, as she evaporated into the dark.

This was a temptation I could not resist.
I would not chase her, but if she pursued things, I was not going to turn her away.

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Virgin teens first time.