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My cock worked just fine and I spent hours masturbating in my room.
I got hard with the least provocation and would stay that way for hours it seemed.
I found special underwear online that helped me hide my male endowment, but still had to be careful with what I wore out.

More and more, I felt totally comfortable Singles dating australia as a woman, but loved having a nice hard cock between my legs.
The truth was I loved being both sexes and neither sex Bdsm female slaves
I didnt want to fit into any one category and loved the idea of being just me.

I was totally turned on by the shemale porn I found on line.
I knew I was attracted to both men and women and the whole concept kept growing more and more appealing.
I finally sat my Aunts down and told them I had decided to live my life as a shemale and I wanted to get breast implants. Bisexual men sucking pussy

Even with their incredibly liberal and accepting attitudes, this took a while for them to fully accept.
They ultimately said it was my own life choice and they fully supported it.

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Wanting to page hard.