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Want some late night oral.

Its all hes good for.
We know how to put him in his place, Butch replies, If we feed him enough cock hell turn into a girl.
Ha, ha, she laughs, Id love to watch that.

My humiliation is complete.
The naked men surround me, offering me their cocks.
I know what they want.

I began licking and sucking, and their cocks start to get hard again.
After a few minutes of this, Butch unties me and forces me face down on the floor.
Its time for those panties to come off, sissy boy, he tells me.

He grabs the waist and pulls them down and Goldie hawn nude bathtub scene off.
My, my, what a sexy ass you have, he tells me, you look very fuckable Jai angel nude pics
Oh, he is, my wife chips in, you need to show him what a real mans cock feels like.

She leans down and speaks in my ear.
Youre about to get fucked by studs, she whispers, Theyre going to fuck your pussy like you were a girl.
Butch grabs a bottle Who is wesley jonathan dating of lube and coats his hard cock liberally.

He positions himself between my legs and spreads my butt cheeks.
I feel his cock begin to penetrate my ass, and I give myself over to the erotic sensations that are flooding my mind and body.
I want this more than anything.

With my wife watching and encouraging them, the three men fuck me one after the other.
Butch has the boy come over and feed his cock to my mouth-pussy.
I suck him deep and lick his balls and shaft.

It doesnt take long for him to pump a load of sweet boy-cum down my throat.
The evening ends with my wifes pussy and my ass full of real mens cum.

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