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His finger going deeper inside me, his tongue probing gently, wanting to get inside.
For a split second he stops, turning me over.
Im on my knees, exposing everything to him.

I feel the sharp snap of his hand making contact with my ass.
I yelp out, making both Ryan and Maggie look over at us.
Her mouth is still going as she sucks on him.
She smiles at me and goes back to pleasing her husband.

I cant help but find her skills hot, not that I lack skills, but she is like a Hoover.
Tony licks from the top of my ass crack all the way down deep in my pussy.
He probes me gently, flicking over my clit Duse4kaya01 porn cams for free and no membership
He catches it in his mouth, sucking on it hard as he pulls it away, and catches again.

He does this again, and again making me mad with desires.
I can feel the ache deep in my core; I cant help but almost want to beg him Jackass my anus.
His hands cupping my butt cheeks, he spreads me slightly, working his tongue back up.
He finds my asshole, ready and waiting for him.

I shiver, waiting, wanting… You want it, baby? You know I do, babe.
Please? I need you.
How much do you need me? More than anyone I Anal in the amazon marcela have ever wanted, ever.
Thats a good answer, Sugar sweet.

His tongue probes, pushing in gently; I can feel him parting me.
I lean back, wanting him.
He gives it to me; he pushes his tongue in gently.
His tongue sinks deep into my puckered asshole.

I let out a low groan, turning my head, I watch Maggie go at Ryan again.
His gaze locked on Tony tongue fucking my ass.

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