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I felt one finger, maybe two sliding along my slit, gently slipping over my clit back and forth.
I clutched the sides of the lounger while my body reacted to the touch.
The fingers increased in speed and my body reacted intensely.

I mumbled out how good it was feeling.

Jimmy reassured me, but his voice sounded slightly distant for some reason.
As I was setting in to the routine of the movement and following the same tempo with my hips, there was an abrupt change.
Fingers (I dont know how many) plunged inside me.

I remember yelling some expletive, and arched my back so that the fingers could go even deeper Onehornymature live sexfreechat usa
At the same time, I felt other fingers start to rub my clit again, but differently than before.
I didnt have time or the concentration to think about it, as I felt a mouth Doapple2013 free hot webcam sex no credit card no registration attacking one of my nipples.

Then I felt a hand (or was it another mouth?) on my other nipple.
Before I could say anything, lips were pressing against my lips, and a tongue forced its way into my mouth.
I didnt know where to focus my thoughts: on my pussy, my nipples or my mouth.

I was being bombarded with amazing sensations at the same time.
I tried to focus on just one spot, but it was impossible.
As I surrendered to the moment, my body started to shake violently as the Michelle madrigal sexy hot nude waves of my orgasm overcame me.

I couldnt even cry out, as my tongue was being sucked.
It felt like a vacuum was trying to rip my tongue out of my mouth.
I put my arms around the one kissing me, and was very surprised to find my hands tracing through long hair!

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