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Oh shit! What was I thinking?! I couldnt just sneak these back into the laundry basket like I had with the others.

She would find them crusted with my semen! I decided that the only move for me to make would be to shove them into the bottom of my luggage and hope that she didnt notice they were missing.

The next day was our last before we all left the following morning.

Janice never said a word and we interacted normally all day long, despite my internal longing for her.
We had a nice dinner and a few more drinks than the previous nights.
Janice and Lance said goodnight and headed to their room while Jonah and I finished our drinks.

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By the time I went to bed, I had a nice buzz going.
I decided I had to get one last night of Janices panties before I left.
When I opened the closet, I noticed that the basket was Horny cuties get completely crazy and naked at hardcore party empty.

I was beyond disappointed.
I checked the dryer and again, there was nothing.
Disappointed, I brushed my teeth and got into bed.
As I pulled the sheet down, a flash of black fabric caught my eye.

It could not have been what I thought it was
could it? I reached for the ball of fabric and picked it up.
Sure enough, it was a black thong.
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I held it up to my nose to see if it had that familiar scent.

Not only were they what I was hoping for but the scent was stronger than ever before and they were still damp.
My mind was racing.
Had Janice known the whole time and left these here for me to find just minutes before?

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Woman gagging on piss and cum.