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Funny thing is, Im somewhat turned on by the whole meeting, even though nothing has happened
Im a very open-minded guy and interested or open to suggestion to many things.
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I sort of always considered myself straight but willing to learn, its just I never really had the opportunity to try.

With the six pack pretty much done he mentions that he lives not far and would I be interested in coming over for a drink and hanging out, if I dont have anything else going on.
No, actually that sounds great, I would enjoy that.
Where are you parked, just follow me.

Its like ten minutes from here, just off one the side-roads, he tells me Pregnant live cams
Okay, you lead and Ill follow, I say sounding sheepish.
Thats the plan, he says smiling, as he heads to his car.

Following for the short drive I wonder real quickly if this is what I really want to do, I mean I have fantasized about it, but the Looking sex in nymegen situation really never presented itself.
Well, it certainly looks like that is about to change! In less time that I could change my mind we arrive at his driveway.

Ah what the hell, lets just see what happens, I think to myself.
Offering me a beer, we clink bottles and take in a minute of somewhat silence.
You know this is a kind of a first for me, if you know what I mean, I nervously proclaim.

Putting a hand on my shoulder as if to reassure, Oh really? Not to worry it will be fun and relaxed, promise.
Im still only wearing my dry loose fitting swim shorts and an open cotton shirt.

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Women naked by the river.