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You came in and told me you loved me, and threw your arms around me, and I hugged you even though my hands were covered in flour and I told you I loved you too.
Amanda looked abashed, a look that was not easy for her but she carried it off with aplomb nonetheless as she said.

You kissed me, not on my cheek but on my lips, and you stayed there too long.
I could feel Isabella sky legs pantyhose your heart beating, just as mine was and I almost kissed you back, just as I had longed to do for so long.

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But it didnt seem right, I mean you were my sweet little girl and I thought I shouldnt, so I broke the embrace and pretended that nothing had happened.
I could see you were upset but I just couldnt; not then.

Katies mind spun, she did remember that day, it hadnt worked Her forst anal out as she had dreamed it would and she had gone up to her room and dreamed of how it should have been, just as this woman now described it.
Then, Amanda continued, her finger idly running up and down Katies palm, sliding along the silky edge of her stocking.

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