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Thanks for being such a good sport honey, Kate said as she kissed me on the cheek.
And for carrying our bags, added Christie.
I know I would never be able to get Don to go shopping with me.

At least not without constant complaining and making me want to cut the trip short, Natalie complained.

That comment started a chain of conversation with the women comparing their men, and men in general.
Surprisingly, due to my small actions throughout the day, I found myself as the man on top they were comparing theirs against.

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As a lifelong outcast in school, I found it quite refreshing to have not just one, but four, gorgeous women talk about me as if I were their dream man.
I know Free hot girl videos softcore! How about we make a stop at Victorias Secret and put on a show for our driver to thank him, announced Sexy jamaican girls nude Allison, waggling her eyebrows.

You wouldnt mind, right Kate? Not at all! I love that idea.
I dont know, you mean actually wear them in front of him? Natalie asked nervously.
Come on Nat, what better way for Tom to know what will look better on you to take home to Don?

He cant do that properly with it still on the hanger.
Well… I suppose I do need something new to show off to Don, Natalie relented.

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