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For almost ten minutes, they continued like that, fucking quietly except for Rodneys grunts as his cock plowed into the ass in front of him, and Allyssas sighs and moans as she once again approached ecstasy.
With one hand under her toying with her hyper-sensitized clit, her body had begun swaying from side to side.

Finally, Rodney felt his climax approaching, welling up inside his groin, and he stopped swatting the slutty white bitch so he could concentrate on his approaching eruption Swedish crossdresser
When she felt the change in his rhythm, Allyssa was elated, because she could feel her second orgasm of the night, just seconds away.

Rodneys hands clutched her hips as he pounded his cock into her ass, pulling her back hard onto his cock and skewering her even deeper.
She sobbed and whimpered from the excruciating sensations that flooded her body.
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