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Well, I was pretty nervous at the pool Rose said, and that I was hoping you would make the first move.
I liked it when you flirted with me in the water and in the hot tub.
I almost gave up trying at first when you didnt respond.

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said Cindy.
By the time we reached the sauna, I was so confused about my feelings, I wasnt sure if I was reading your signals right or what.
said Rose, but by then, I was ready for anything.
When you stripped me during the message, I thought that was it.

I guess you lost your nerve to go further Cindy said, and so did I.
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When I was just sixteen years old, growing up in Germany, we had a single woman with two daughters renting a room in our house.

She was about the age of my mother (who was a war widow).
This woman, her name was Frau (Mrs.
) Rach, was supposed to take care of our household and my little sis when my mother was working.

I was a pretty innocent high school student with a sweet girl friend, who liked kissing and petting on dark park benches, but I did not have the Blindfold sloppy blowjob guts to go any further with her at that time.
Frau Rach, had very brunette skin, dark thick hair, also under her arms, while all my family and neighbors were blond.

As I later found out, she also had pubic hair between her legs.
She always wore high heels and had strong curvaceous legs.
She did not seem to notice when I watched her, as her huge breasts were stretching the tight blouses or tank tops and swinging when she walked around the house.

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